Bert de Ruiter met de Steyr 1291 campertruck

My name is Bert, born in 1952 in the Hague, The Netherlands

Passion for travel

From my 18th I am infected by the travel bug. My passion for travel and photography has brought me to many countries on the 3 major continents. First by public transport (backpacking), thereafter 25 years by bicycle and now, in the meantime, 4 years with Piggy, the campertruck. The photos of a large part of these trips are placed at Alamy Stock Photo Agency (

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Around the world by campertruck

From 2012, leading up to the end of my working life I started making plans about this journey. The original plan was to round the Earth by bicycle, but considering all things, I finally decided to manage this trip on 4 wheels.

The advantage of this is that I have my own roof above my head and also have space for my complete photo equipment and other useful things. In addition I carry my travelbike with me, because travelling by bicycle for a couple of days or weeks is the ultimate way to explore a country or a region. The camper will then function as a basecamp/station.

End of May 2015 I got my driving license for big trucks (Category C) and in september 2015 I purchased the “camper” . To be more specific, I should mention that it is a 12 ton 4 × 4 “camper truck” or “expedition truck”. A Steyr 1291. I call him “Piggy” because it turns out that he feels perfectly at home in the mud.

Before I started the trip I sold or donated all my posessions, inclusive car and house, and accepted a new, nomadic life.

The site is about my journey over the different continents which has started in Goes, Zeeland, Netherlands on March 28th 2016. There is no time limit. The end of the trip is determined by wanderlust, finance and health.

It is a solo journey, but my intention is to invite people who are interested in joining me during my trip for a couple of days or weeks against a small compensation in costs.

 So…….. Hop On And Join In!!


In the meantime I have been traveling with Piggy for 4 years, have traveled 100,000 km (See ROUTE) and visited 40 countries. Don’t think it’s a vacation. No. It has become a “way of life”. A nomadic existence. It is often working, organizing, researching, dealing with bureaucratic hassle and sometimes loneliness and frustration, but above all enjoying the different landscapes, people and cultures. I have noticed that the people in these countries, which are often dictatorships, are like doing their utmost, as counterpart, to offer their hospitality and helpfulness. Without them I would not have been able to travel these 4 years, these 100,000 kilometers and these 40 countries with Piggy.

Now I am more or less forced to travel back to the Netherlands. My C driving license must be renewed every 5 years. That means a months-long procedure to consult doctors and authorities to be found healthy enough to be able to drive a heavy truck again in the next 5 years. As an example: My driver’s license expires in June 2020. In preparation I already completed my health declaration online last April. After 7 months I received an email that my statement had been received and that I would soon have to make an appointment with a health and safety doctor. It was already December and I was (and still am)far from home.

The goal is to be back in the Netherlands by June 2020. AND THAT IS ONLY BECAUSE OF MY DRIVING LICENSE !!!. HOLLAND, SHAME ON YOU.

Who wants to join me?