The trip is undertaken completely by myself. The truck has space for 5 additional passengers. This is not without reason.

For having more company and to cover the expenses I would like to rent these seats to interested people who want to experience a part of the journey.

Joining in can be done in 2 ways

  1. You can contact me on the spot and see if you can join me for  a day, a week or a few weeks
  2. By following the website you can see where and when I will be in a given region. It gives you the opportunity to make reservations in advance for one or more persons. Send me an email. ( This gives you a chance  to make a cheap and adventurous tour by expedition truck.

In both cases, you pay a (small) fixed daily price, to cover the cost for diesel consumption, maintenance and use of truck etc. Included is the use of sleeping gear in and around the truck (roof tent, sleeping place in the truck, tents) and material related to the truck.

Not included are the expenses for overnight stays in hotels, campsites, meals and all kinds of extra costs like tollroads, ferries etc.

Remember,  I am neither a travel company, nor a  guide, busdriver or cook. Everyone is expected give a helping hand.  So it is not my purpose to see as as much as possible within a limited time. My way of travelling is taking time to learn and enjoy all the interesting things a country has to offer. That means that sometimes I will stay on one spot for a couple of days. The motto is: Enjoy the land, culture, people and nature.

The daily distances by truck won’t be too long. Of course this depends on the vastness or monotony of the area and the validity of your visa.

Photography is my hobby and I spend a lot of time with that during the journey. So collegue photographers are welcome!

Are you interested?

Please mail to

So Hop On And Join In!